Free Calls For Nokia Users {OLD MODELS}
Works With Most Models Under "DCT1", "DCT2" & "DCT3" Category !

The Hack Is Simple !

It Activates All Calls As Emergency Calls !(Emergency Calls Are Free)

1) Restart Your Phone And Punch-in "*3001#12345#."
2) This Will Bring The NAM Programming Menu, Now Select NAM 1 !
3) Now You Will Get NAM 1 Menu, Scroll Down You Will See Emergency Call List, Here Enter The Number You Wanna Call For Free !
4) Now All Calls Are Under Emergency List, So All Are Free !
5) Just For Learning Purpose, I Know That You Can Afford To Pay Your Bill !

See If Your Phone Model Is Under "DCT1, "DCT2", & "DCT3" !

See The Tutorial !

Enjoy !
4:34 PM

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Prateek Says :
November 21, 2008 at 6:18 PM

Code is not working Out...

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