How to deploy an iphone application without an idp membership


An iPhone Developer Program (IDP) membership (costs $99 for Individuals) is required to officially deploy your application on the iPhone – even during the development and testing. Though I have applied for the IDP membership long ago, mine is yet to be approved. Perhaps India is not a listed country for IDP.

Not having an IDP membership will not affect your iPhone development and further testing on a real iPhone. But you would still require a Jailbroken iPhone. You will have to tweak your XCode (Version 3.1.2) and individual project settings – along with the iPhone (Firmware 2.2) - to get the Applications deployed on the phone. Here are the steps. These information were collated by the results of endless queries posted on different forums and by reading various material available on the Web. All the credits are due to their respective owners :)

Common Instructions to Install :-

• Jailbreaking the iPhone requires you to follow the clear instructions given by iClarified. This includes a Video demonstration also. There is no need to Unlock your iPhone. Just Jailbreak should suffice.

• Install the iPhoneTunnel and CyberDuck applications on the Mac

• Install OpenSSH, BossPrefs and Link-Identity-Editor applications using the Cydia application on the iPhone. After installation Reboot the iPhone

• Add source in Cydia (if you have not yet done so), please remember there is a slash (/) at the end of the url Code: . Install MobileInstallation Patch version 2.2 in Section "Tweaks"

• Connect the iPhone using the USB Cable to the Mac

• Close the iTunes.

Setting up XCode to Compile and Build the iPhone Application

• Create a Signing Identify on your Mac by following this simple guide from Apple. I suggest you name the Certificate as “iPhone Developer”

• TextEdit the /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Info.plist file to look the respective portions like:-

   2: stringarmv6

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There Will Be Blood[2007]DvDrip[Eng].rmvb ( 510 mb )


There Will Be Blood[2007]DvDrip[Eng].rmvb ( 510 mb )

12:58 PM

Three Extremes [2004]DvDrip[Eng.sub].rmvb( 298 mb )


12:57 PM

A Beautiful Mind[2001]DvDrip[Eng].rmvb ( 438 mb )..Awsome Movie


1:01 PM

The Forbidden Kingdom[2008]DvDrip[Eng].rmvb ( 388 mb )


1:04 PM

Traitor (2008)


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Tropic Thunder (2008)


Tropic Thunder (2008)

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Transporter 3 (2008)


Transporter 3 (2008)

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counter-strike:source Server Crasher

forex,Forex Trading,GCITrading,goDaddy

This in-game script works on most servers.

This wont get you vac banned, But the admins of the server can ban you. Don't come crying to me if you get banned

First goto your cstrike cfg dir = Drive:\program files\steam\steamapps\youraccount\counter-strike:source\cfg
Now create a new file called overflow.cfg

Open/edit that file and insert this code:
alias - "nextmap;timeleft"
alias = "-;-;-;-;-;-;-"
alias / "=;=;=;=;=;=;="
alias +spam "/;/"
alias -spam "/;/"
bind del +spam

Save and close file.

Now find the file called client.cfg or config.cfg ( It's diffrent pr user )
open that file up and type beneeth everything

exec overflow.cfg

save and close.

Open up css and go on a server. Then start spamming your DELETE key and there is a 80% chance it will crash/kick all players.

How to check if the server is crash-able by this script:
Be on the server you wan't to crash, now open console and type in

then it chould write you back the nextmap and the timeleft.
If it says

Nextmap is depending on vote
No timeleft

Then the server is not crash-able by this script.


Q: How to get console open?

Q: Nothing happends when i spam the DELETE key?
A: Try open console and tell me the output in here.

forex,Forex Trading,GCITrading,goDaddy

source: Broken Angel

8:29 PM

Windows 7 Beta Available for Public Download


The Beta version of Windows 7 will be available for public download and try out on January 9th, 2009, as announced by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at CES yesterday. This download only available for a “limited time” and it will cap the download after 2.5 millions downloads. The download will expires on August 1st, 2009.

The Beta download will be available in both 32 and 64 bit and only for English, Japanese, German, Hindi and Arabic edition, in form of .iso file (3,230.10 MB for 64-bit and 2,497.48 MB for 32-bit). So users must have DVD writer to burn disk image to a blank disc.

At the same time, Microsoft’s also provided a list of the minimum system specification for people who want to run the beta version on their computer. The beta version only requires a PC or notebook with as low as 1GHz processor clock speed, 1GB of memory, 16GB of hard disk space and 128MB of graphic memory to support for DX9 graphics and aero interface.

However, Microsoft doesn’t specify the exact release date for final version, other than say that official target for the completed version of Windows 7 is early next year.

The beta download will be available at

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About External Hard Drives


For people who move around often and are in need of carrying electronic data with them a must buy thing is an External Hard Drive. All the leading hardware companies like Apple, CMS, Seagate, D-Link, HP and Lenova have introduced compact, high capacity external hard drives.

External Hard Drives are available with attractive looks and also with high storage capacity. The storage capacity starts from 1 GB to that of 1 TB that facilitates the user to store any big size of data to carry along. They are tiny, approximately about 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches in size. The prices are also getting cheaper day by day making them affordable to all. They enable the user to take back ups quickly and easily and are portable too.

Once you plan to buy an External Hard Drive think of:

The storage capacity: This depends purely on the need of the buyer. If he has to carry many bigger files or data then he has to go for higher storage capacity if not he has to look for one with lower storage size that will be cheaper in price. The higher capacity the better for future needs.

Connectivity (Whether it supports only USB or Firewire)

Firewire is the latest in technology and may not be available in all the computers you access. If the hard drive supports USB only then transferring of the data will be slower than in the firewire. And if the USB Port is 1.0 and not 2.0 even slower will be the data transfer.

The Speed: The time an external hard drive takes for data transfer depends on the RPM and Buffer Size. The suggestible RPM (rotation per a minute) that is available recently is 7,200 and the Buffer Size 8 MB. This specification would take very less time to transfer bigger files.

The Life or Durability of the hard drive: For an assured durability it is best to buy a brand that is known for its quality, service support and a reasonable warranty period. Browse for good brands and specifications for a good buy.

External Hard Drives are available from 200GB to

8:12 PM

M88 Wi-Fi Phone Accessories - Cheap to Buy and Easy to Find


The CECT M88 has become a very popular iPhone clone for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a bit smaller, faster, and sleeker than previous loaded models. Second, it’s among the few iPhone clones that has Wi-Fi, GPS, Windows Mobile, and Java. It’s become pretty widely available, but a few folks email me and tell that although the phone looks very nice and tempting, they aren’t sure if there would be enough support and accessories available for it.

I often assure people that this just isn’t true. The clones are no different than any other popular industry. If there is demand for a particular product, manufacturers will race to provide it, which is exactly what has happened here. Accessories for this phone are cheap and easy to come by no matter where you live. And, there are worldwide sellers so it’s very rare that you’ll have to pay over seas shipping. Below, I’ll outline the cost (cheap) and availability (widely) for the M88 accessories and will also discuss some of the most popular.

Software That Expands The Memory: Some of the M88’s come with only 2GB of memory. There is now software which expands the memory capability to up to 8GB. This usually runs around $10.

Set Up Instructions: (Internet, WAP, Data And MMS Settings): For talk and MMS, this phone is as easy as inserting your sim. And, if you get a nice seller, you’ll often get your Internet settings pre installed as well. But, sometimes, that doesn’t happen and you’ll need to edit the MMS, data, WAP, and Java settings so that you can get online. There are many folks that sell ebooks and software that will walk you through this. Even if you think you aren’t technically inclined, if you can enter words and numbers where directed, you will be browsing the web in no time. These instructions often run around $5 or less.

Sim Cards That Include Unlimited Internet And Data: Many people want to browse the web without needing a contract or monthly bill for it. You can now get sim cards that include unlimited data, Internet, MMS, talk, text, etc. These will generally last a month and then you replace them. You can also buy cards that include a certain amount of data. 1MB is common. But, if you are a heavy user or browse large sites, the unlimited cards usually come out to be more cost effective.

Chargers: Many of these phones will come with a USB cord and chargers. But, if you need a spare, these are dirt cheap, often around $2. The charger to these are kind of unique. Basically you just either slide an outlet plug (for a home charger) or a cigarette lighter plug (for you car) on the end of the USB cord.

Cases And Skins: There are many options here. You can get the leather, more professional looking cases or you can opt for the silicone skins. I really like the skins because they make the phone slip proof and I think they look cool. But, if you want a more professional look, there are many cases that will fit the bill.

Screen Protectors: Many people don’t really like the smudge marks and finger prints that come from the touch screen (although the stylus is an option.) For those guys, you can get the protectors that stick onto your screen to protect it. These are only a couple of dollars and the sellers will usually throw in a case too.

Bluetooth Accessories: This phone included Bluetooth, so unless you already have all of the corresponding accessories, you can get these very easily.

USB Cord: As stated earlier, you can transfer data via Bluetooth, but you can also do the same via USB cord. And, you can charge the phone via your computer as this way as well. These cords are generally around $4.

Stylus: There is a designated spot for these and they slide right back into the phone, but it’s not so uncommon to lose them. You can get a spare for about $5.

Batteries: One cool thing about the clones is that unlike the original, you can replace the battery yourself. The battery life on these phones is quite good, but you can get a spare for a couple of dollars.

To view close up full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on the M88 accessories mentioned in this article, please visit

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AMD Launches their Quad-Core Phenom II Processor


AMD has continued its rivalry with Intel’s Core i7 processor with the introduction of their two new quad-core Phenom II processors.

The new Quad-Core Phenom II is built using 45-nm processor technology, which makes the chips more complex and lower power consumptions than previous AMD’s processors. The 45-nm process also allows AMD to put more memories on the processors compared with their previous 65-nm technology.

The processors comes in two versions, which is X4 920 (2.8 GHz) and the X4 940 Black Edition (3.0 GHz) with up to 8MB of cache, and offering the performance level in between Intel’s Core 2 Quad and Core i7 processors.

The chips also come with built-in overclockability, which is targeted to enthusiasts and gamers that are looking for a good gaming system, the company said.

Compared with the previous Phenom II chips, the Quad-Core Phenom II has additional 4MB cache, and support for DDR3 memory. The Quad-Core Phenom II will still compatible with the current AM2+ socket, then transformation to a new AM3 socket. AM3 socket is expected to be released in the next few months.

The new processors will be part of AMD’s new Dragon platform, which includes AMD Phenom II X4 processor, 790-Series motherboard chipsets and ATI Radeon 4800-series for media-intensive and gaming desktops.

5:10 PM

Gmail Update : Progress Bar while uploading

Hi guys..Gmail has offer yet another feature.
How many of you have noticed the new Feature Google is sporting these days?
Google team now came up with the progress bar which shows the current status of your uploading data in the mail
Here's the screen shot of the same..


so guys now no need to worry to how much uploading of your attachment is done..Gmail is there to help you out as always..
for me its a very good feature given to the user.What about you guys ???
cummon post your comments..

11:28 PM

How to Accelerate Windows XP File Searches


There is one of the most important features of Vista (or Windows 7) that put Windows XP to shame – File Searches.

With Vista, you can search your files faster, because Vista indexed your entire computer file and its characteristic into database (it traverse all the directories first while you’re doing other things). But with Windows XP, the file search tool traverse all the directory at the same time when you are looking for a specific file, and it did it each time you searching for the same file and this make the process slow.

Fortunately, there are many alternative exist to accelerate Windows XP file searches. Two of my recommendation is to use Copernic Desktop Search or Google Desktop. Both tools has capability to index your e-mail messages, documents, MP3 files, images, and other content for lightning-fast searches. Besides that, it also let you quick look inside found files without opening them. That’s what we can call a good search tool!

8:09 PM