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The CECT M88 has become a very popular iPhone clone for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a bit smaller, faster, and sleeker than previous loaded models. Second, it’s among the few iPhone clones that has Wi-Fi, GPS, Windows Mobile, and Java. It’s become pretty widely available, but a few folks email me and tell that although the phone looks very nice and tempting, they aren’t sure if there would be enough support and accessories available for it.

I often assure people that this just isn’t true. The clones are no different than any other popular industry. If there is demand for a particular product, manufacturers will race to provide it, which is exactly what has happened here. Accessories for this phone are cheap and easy to come by no matter where you live. And, there are worldwide sellers so it’s very rare that you’ll have to pay over seas shipping. Below, I’ll outline the cost (cheap) and availability (widely) for the M88 accessories and will also discuss some of the most popular.

Software That Expands The Memory: Some of the M88’s come with only 2GB of memory. There is now software which expands the memory capability to up to 8GB. This usually runs around $10.

Set Up Instructions: (Internet, WAP, Data And MMS Settings): For talk and MMS, this phone is as easy as inserting your sim. And, if you get a nice seller, you’ll often get your Internet settings pre installed as well. But, sometimes, that doesn’t happen and you’ll need to edit the MMS, data, WAP, and Java settings so that you can get online. There are many folks that sell ebooks and software that will walk you through this. Even if you think you aren’t technically inclined, if you can enter words and numbers where directed, you will be browsing the web in no time. These instructions often run around $5 or less.

Sim Cards That Include Unlimited Internet And Data: Many people want to browse the web without needing a contract or monthly bill for it. You can now get sim cards that include unlimited data, Internet, MMS, talk, text, etc. These will generally last a month and then you replace them. You can also buy cards that include a certain amount of data. 1MB is common. But, if you are a heavy user or browse large sites, the unlimited cards usually come out to be more cost effective.

Chargers: Many of these phones will come with a USB cord and chargers. But, if you need a spare, these are dirt cheap, often around $2. The charger to these are kind of unique. Basically you just either slide an outlet plug (for a home charger) or a cigarette lighter plug (for you car) on the end of the USB cord.

Cases And Skins: There are many options here. You can get the leather, more professional looking cases or you can opt for the silicone skins. I really like the skins because they make the phone slip proof and I think they look cool. But, if you want a more professional look, there are many cases that will fit the bill.

Screen Protectors: Many people don’t really like the smudge marks and finger prints that come from the touch screen (although the stylus is an option.) For those guys, you can get the protectors that stick onto your screen to protect it. These are only a couple of dollars and the sellers will usually throw in a case too.

Bluetooth Accessories: This phone included Bluetooth, so unless you already have all of the corresponding accessories, you can get these very easily.

USB Cord: As stated earlier, you can transfer data via Bluetooth, but you can also do the same via USB cord. And, you can charge the phone via your computer as this way as well. These cords are generally around $4.

Stylus: There is a designated spot for these and they slide right back into the phone, but it’s not so uncommon to lose them. You can get a spare for about $5.

Batteries: One cool thing about the clones is that unlike the original, you can replace the battery yourself. The battery life on these phones is quite good, but you can get a spare for a couple of dollars.

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