Phone BlackBerry World Tour : Sprint and Verizon

As promised, including Verizon and Sprint, the BlackBerry tour today. RIM smartphone supports GSM and CDMA networks - including HSDPA and EV-DO - use around the world.

Description of the tour BlackBerry
RIM as a device in which a good thing for the professional and personal communication.

Your access to social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr and MySpace. It will also allow users to images and videos via MMS, IM, and the most popular or BlackBerry Messenger.

For professional users who have access to the Tour RIM push e-mail with attachments, calendar, contacts, applications, business processes and location.

BlackBerry tour as a tablet with a HVGA (480 x 360) display, QWERTY keyboard and trackball.

Chamber contains a 3 / 2 MPX (with variable zoom, auto focus, flash and image stabilization) and the Bluetooth GPS receiver, while the users are capable of up to 16 GB of data with a microSD / SDHC card (sold separately) .

The BlackBerry for Verizon and Sprint mobile broadband (EV-DO Rev A) in the network and can be applied to other roaming 3G wireless broadband networks throughout the world for voice and e-mail service. Roaming Offer 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM / GPRS / EDGE, as well as support for 2100 MHz UMTS / HSPA networks.

The outer casing is 4.4 inches, 2.4 inch, 0.6 inch (112 mm x 62 mm x 14.2 mm) and a weight of 4.6 ounces. (130 g).

Pricing and Availability
The BlackBerry 9630 is available in Verizon's Tour for $ 200 with a maturity of two years of service. Now you can

Sprint is charging the same price of 100 U.S. Dollar after the deduction of cards and two-year contract. The tour is presented on the website of the airline:

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Dell Inspiron 13 Restructured in Singapore


It has been established that the initial step for product development is a market analysis. Dell Singapore probably found significance on this and utilized this approach with their refurbished laptop. It has been spotted on the Dell Singapore website that a redesigned Inspiron 13 will be launched in time. It claims to be a thinner and lighter edition which somehow looks like the Dell Studio with some alleged price cut. We’ll everyone’s coping up with the crisis. Do you find this interesting?


The Inspiron 13 has a contour shape and weights for nearly 4lbs. after extricating the optical drive. It has a resolution ratio of 1366×768, 16:9 display and a LED backlit display. The performance will be supported by 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo, 320GB hard drive, 2GB RAM plus a GMA 4500 video.

An option to amplify it will be feasible with a 2.4GHz Processor, 500GB hard drive, 4GB RAM and a 256MB Mobility Radeon HD 4330.

Though there will be no marking of calendars yet but Technochasers can still keep their hopes high on fitting it into their budget. Assumptions were made that Inspiron 13 will be marked with a $799 retail price as suggested by Dell Singapore.

Will you be doing some financial arrangements later or just include this on your wish list?

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Google's new OS


Google Microsoft rivalry has just got fiercer. Search giant Google is once again ready to take on Microsoft with its new operating system. The company announced Google Chrome OS on its blog this week, saying that the lower-end PCs called Netbooks from unnamed manufacturers will include it in the second half of 2010.

A high-stakes duel between the two technology powerhouses has been steadily escalating in recent years as Google's dominance of the Internet's lucrative search market has given it the means to threaten Microsoft in ways that few other companies can.

Google already has rankled Microsoft by luring away some of its top employees and developing an online suite of computer programmes that provide an alternative to Microsoft's top-selling word processing, spreadsheet and calendar applications. With Chrome OS, Google attempts to wrest away Microsoft Corp's long-running control over people's desktop.

Here's looking further what is Google's OS all about.



The new Google Chrome Operating System will be an open source, meaning the programme code will be open to developers. The operating system will run in a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel -- computer coding that has been the foundation for the open-source software movement for nearly two decades.

For application developers, the web is the platform. All web-based applications will automatically work and new applications can be written using users favourite web technologies. And these apps will run not only on Google Chrome OS, but on any standards-based browser on Windows, Mac and Linux thereby giving developers the largest user base of any platform.

Announcing Google Chrome OS, Sundar Pichai, Google’s vice president of product management and Linus Upson, Google’s engineering director said it would be “our attempt to re-think what operating systems should be.”


It's surely open source, but it's not Android. As Pichai and Upson wrote on Google's official blog, "Google Chrome OS is a new project, separate from Android. Android was designed from the beginning to work across a variety of devices from phones to set-top boxes to netbooks. Google Chrome OS is being created for people who spend most of their time on the web, and is being designed to power computers ranging from small netbooks to full-size desktop systems. While there are areas where Google Chrome OS and Android overlap, we believe choice will drive innovation for the benefit of everyone, including Google."

Google has already introduced an operating system for mobile devices, called Android that vies against various other systems, including ones made by Microsoft and Apple Inc.

Analysts expect Google to make the new OS free, or charge at most charge a nominal fee. They believe that the company's traditional business model has been to earn revenue off connecting applications or advertising.



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How to rip UMD to ISO


This simple walk through shows users how to rip PSP games with a hacked PSP. We use the M33 firmware for this walk through.

Its actually very easy to rip PSP games to your computer.

Here is what you need:
1. USB Cable for the PSP to the Computer
2. A Computer
3. A hacked PSP (how to hack the psp here)
4. A UMD you want to rip

1. Load in a UMD

2. Turn on the PSP, hit “SELECT” and change the “USB Device” to “UMD Disc”

3. Plug in a Mini-USB to USB cable to the top of the PSP, plug the USB cable into the computer, and Put the PSP into USB Mode.

4. The computer will read the PSP like an external harddrive. Open the drive up and drag off the ISO file inside. That is the image of the UMD disk….All done

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How to take Screen Shots of PSP Games


Ever wonder how to take screen shots of your PSP games in action or even how to take videos of your play? Well here is the solution, install Custom Firmware Extended 2.2 (CFE). CFE has been around for a while and is written by Dark_Alex. By the way, I over simplified by with the title, it does a lot more than just screen shots. (Works on both Slim (2000) and Fat (1000) psp’s)

Highlights of Custom Firmware Extender 2.2:

Listen to mp3’s (at3, oma, omg, aa3) while in the PSP Menu (VSH) or in Game
Replace Icons ()hook some vsh menu functions)
Start a FTPD server when in PSP Menu
Make in-game videos with Remote Joy
Reset/Power off PSP with a button
Change CPU Speed
USB Mass storeage while in PSP Menu or in Game (USB Connection stays alive)
Take Screen shoots on Menu and in game
Fully configurable config file

Download Custom Firmware Extender 2.2 (Written by Dark_Alex)

Unzip Files into a folder, screen shot saved files to c:
Open the release folder

select the seplugins and TM folder and copy them to your memory stick

(Note if you already have a seplugins folder and you want to keep your plugins, do not overwrite your txt files. Just open each text file from the zip, copy out the text and add them to your exsisting text files.

example: vsh.txt = “ms0:/seplugins/cfe/cfe_vsh.prx”
game.txt = “ms0:/seplugins/cfe/cfe_game.prx”
pops.txt = “ms0:/seplugins/cfe/cfe_game.prx”)

Hard shut down your PSP (I like to turn it off then pull the battery out, then put it back in)
Hold “R” trigger and power on to go into recovery mode

Go to “Plug-Ins”
cfe_vsh.prx [VSH]
cfe_game.prx [GAME]
cfe_game.prx [POPS]

Exit and resume normal PSP functions
All done.

Note + Home = Shut Down PSP
Note + Left = Reboot to /tm/150_340/ipl.bin
Note + Right = Reboot to NAND
Note + Up = Change CPU Speed
Note + Down = Max Brightness
Note + L Trigger = Start Stop USB Mass
Note + Triangle = Start Ftpd Server
Note + Screen = Take Screen Shot
Note + R = Start Remote Joy (Video Capture)
Note + Vol_Down = Show Help
Circle to exit help

Tested on Custom Firmware 3.90m33-3 and 4.01m33-2

I know there are other plug-ins that also take screen shots, but CFE did the best job IMO. The other screen shot plug-ins didnt have any notice of when the screen shots were done and makes you feel like your PSP froze. CFE has a bar that goes across the screen.

If you upgade firmware and already have this installed, go to recovery mode and make sure you re-turn on your plugins to get it to work again.


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How to Hack your PSP to 5.00 M33-3


How to Hack your PSP to 5.00 M33-3 (The Easy Way)

metallic blue madden psp bundle

So if you just bought a PSP and want to get into custom firmware, this is the right place to be. If you already have custom firmware on your PSP and just want to upgrade to 5.00,
skip below to the 5.00 section. If you want to bring your PSP to 4.01 M33
skip below to the 4.01 section. This works on all PSP’s that came from the factory with anything less than 4.00 Official Firmware (OFW).

Requirements for Hacking a Factory PSP:

1. PSP Pandora Battery
2. Memory Stick Pro Duo (64mb to 8gb TESTED so far – any will do).
3. psp-grader-v005-lite-setup
4. Official PSP 3.90 Firmware.

1. Install PSP Grader on your computer.

2. Run PSP Grader and select the location of the 3.90 firmware and drive for your memory stick

3. Hit run and let the program create a “Magic Memory Stick” for you.

4. Your Memory stick is now ready, insert the Pandora’s Battery whilst holding the L should button on the PSP. Once the IPL has loaded on the PSP simply press the X button. Wait. After around 1 – 3 minutes the Flash shall be done, press X to shutdown the psp, it is now safe to remove the pandora battery. Its is very important to just wait and not switch off the PSP or remove the Memory Stick or Pandora’s Battery, it could result in a brick if you do not wait.

5. Once that is done, you can format the memory stick with your psp to use to load games. Games are normally loaded in the “ISO” folder. you need to hit select on the PSP to get the ISO mode correct. Use the “Sony NP9660″ one.

This was the easiest way I could find to get the PSP to 3.90 m33-3, from there you are going to just run one more updates to reach 5.0 m33-3

Steps to finish the hack to Version 5.00….

If you already have custom firmware you can skip the steps above and jump directly here.

How to Update your PSP to the latest 5.00 M33-3: This Update brings 3.90 m33 and 4.01 M33 PSP’s to 5.00 M33-3

What to do:

1. Download the Official PSP 5.00 Firmware here

2. Download the 5.00 M33-3 installer

3. Unextract the files you just downloaded

4. Rename the EBOOT.PBP file from the PSP_500_FW_UPDATE.RAR to 500.PBP

5. Move the 500.PBP file into the UPDATE foler from the 5.00M33.rar

6. Copy files over to the PSP memory stick in the Games directory.

7. Run the Update Program on your PSP, NOTE: Battery has to be atleast @78%

Update PSP 5.00 m33

Update PSP 5.00 m33

Update 5.00 m33 PSP

Update 5.00 m33 PSP

Update PSP 5.00 m33 complete

Update PSP 5.00 m33 complete

That’s it. You are all patched up to the latest version of the time of this posting!

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Save money while Upgrading Windows Vista


Try as we might, there’s no stopping Windows Vista from gradually replacing our tried, true and beloved XP. Microsoft’s already phasing out XP out on all but the ultra mobile laptop market. So if you’ve already accepted the facts and you happen to be in the market for Windows Vista right now, here’s is a little secret that Microsoft doesn’t want you to know about that will save you $100 on any full version of Vista out there. For those of you who already have an older copy of Windows, be it XP, 2000, 98 or whatever, and were planning to upgrade that operating system to Vista, stop and reconsider after you get all the facts. For those of you who just built spanking new systems and want to install Windows Vista on them, you can save yourself $100.

What Microsoft doesn’t want you to know is that there is absolutely no difference between the full and upgrade editions of Windows Vista, SP1 included. Even though the end-user license agreement states, “To use upgrade software, you must first be licensed for the software that is eligible for the upgrade,” Windows Vista will in fact consider itself as a qualifying product. For those who were already going to buy the upgrade edition, you won’t save any money, but perhaps you may have gained an extra Windows license to use on an extra computer. Certainly a machi ne with older hardware is more suited to run an older operating system. So if I were planning an upgrade, I’d just keep the original XP installation on my machine and wait until the next time I get new hardware to install Vista. This would mean one extra machine in the house that I can use as a backup or bequeath or even sell it to someone. What I’m trying to say is, since you now know that there’s no difference between the upgrade and full Vista editions, why not treat your upgrade edition like a full edition and use it thusly?

The trick to do this is simple and still works even with the new Vista SP1:

  1. Boot from the Vista upgrade DVD.
  2. Select “Install Now” but do not enter in your product key and disable the option to activate next time you’re online.
  3. Do the “Custom (advanced)” install and wait for the install to complete. The process may take a few reboots.
  4. After the installation is done, again execute setup from the DVD, but this time make sure you’re doing it from Vista and not your PC startup. You can simply eject and reinsert the Vista DVD.
  5. Select “Install Now” and select “Do not get the latest updates for installation.”
  6. Now enter your product key and disable the option to activate next time you’re online.
  7. Do the “Upgrade” install and wait for the install to complete. Do not boot from the DVD when prompted to do so. Otherwise just sit back and let the install work on its own.
  8. After the second installation completes make sure you activate Vista since you didn’t do it during either installation

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New Google Earth 5.0

Continuing the trend of research online, Google has launched a new service that allows Internet users to explore the depths of the oceans in the comfort of their homes.

Users can dip below a dynamic to explore the surface of the Sea 3D terrain.

The map also includes 20 layers of content, which contains information from the world of scientists, researchers and oceans explorers.With ocean in Google Earth, you can:
Diving below the surface and go beyond the ocean, the Mariana Trench
Explore the sea with the best sailors, including experts from National Geographic and the BBC
More information about the observations of the oceans, climate change and endangered species
Discover new places including surfing, diving, and travel hot spots and wrecks

Beyond the ocean, Google has also introduced new features will improve the way people interact with Google Earth and use it to communicate with the world.
Historical Images: Until now, Google Earth displays the image of a particular place at a given time. With this new feature, you can come and go in time to show the pictures of years, even decades, showing changes over time. Try flying south of San Francisco on Google Earth and running on the new time slider (click the "clock" icon on the toolbar) to assist in the transformation of Silicon Valley from a farming community in the technology capital of the world during the last 50 years.

Tourism: A key challenge facing us in the development of Google Earth, it became easier for people to tell stories. People have created layers wonderful to share with the world, but often a way of guiding others through them. The functionality of tourism, it is easy to create an easily shareable, storytelling, fly-only tour by clicking the record button and navigate through its tourist sites.

3D Mars: This is the last stop on our tour of galaxies, made possible by a collaboration with NASA. By clicking on "Mars" in the toolbar, Google Earth, you can access a 3D map of the Red Planet, with the latest high-resolution images, 3D terrain, and notes indicating the landing sites and many Other features
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