How to rip UMD to ISO


This simple walk through shows users how to rip PSP games with a hacked PSP. We use the M33 firmware for this walk through.

Its actually very easy to rip PSP games to your computer.

Here is what you need:
1. USB Cable for the PSP to the Computer
2. A Computer
3. A hacked PSP (how to hack the psp here)
4. A UMD you want to rip

1. Load in a UMD

2. Turn on the PSP, hit “SELECT” and change the “USB Device” to “UMD Disc”

3. Plug in a Mini-USB to USB cable to the top of the PSP, plug the USB cable into the computer, and Put the PSP into USB Mode.

4. The computer will read the PSP like an external harddrive. Open the drive up and drag off the ISO file inside. That is the image of the UMD disk….All done

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