How to take Screen Shots of PSP Games


Ever wonder how to take screen shots of your PSP games in action or even how to take videos of your play? Well here is the solution, install Custom Firmware Extended 2.2 (CFE). CFE has been around for a while and is written by Dark_Alex. By the way, I over simplified by with the title, it does a lot more than just screen shots. (Works on both Slim (2000) and Fat (1000) psp’s)

Highlights of Custom Firmware Extender 2.2:

Listen to mp3’s (at3, oma, omg, aa3) while in the PSP Menu (VSH) or in Game
Replace Icons ()hook some vsh menu functions)
Start a FTPD server when in PSP Menu
Make in-game videos with Remote Joy
Reset/Power off PSP with a button
Change CPU Speed
USB Mass storeage while in PSP Menu or in Game (USB Connection stays alive)
Take Screen shoots on Menu and in game
Fully configurable config file

Download Custom Firmware Extender 2.2 (Written by Dark_Alex)

Unzip Files into a folder, screen shot saved files to c:
Open the release folder

select the seplugins and TM folder and copy them to your memory stick

(Note if you already have a seplugins folder and you want to keep your plugins, do not overwrite your txt files. Just open each text file from the zip, copy out the text and add them to your exsisting text files.

example: vsh.txt = “ms0:/seplugins/cfe/cfe_vsh.prx”
game.txt = “ms0:/seplugins/cfe/cfe_game.prx”
pops.txt = “ms0:/seplugins/cfe/cfe_game.prx”)

Hard shut down your PSP (I like to turn it off then pull the battery out, then put it back in)
Hold “R” trigger and power on to go into recovery mode

Go to “Plug-Ins”
cfe_vsh.prx [VSH]
cfe_game.prx [GAME]
cfe_game.prx [POPS]

Exit and resume normal PSP functions
All done.

Note + Home = Shut Down PSP
Note + Left = Reboot to /tm/150_340/ipl.bin
Note + Right = Reboot to NAND
Note + Up = Change CPU Speed
Note + Down = Max Brightness
Note + L Trigger = Start Stop USB Mass
Note + Triangle = Start Ftpd Server
Note + Screen = Take Screen Shot
Note + R = Start Remote Joy (Video Capture)
Note + Vol_Down = Show Help
Circle to exit help

Tested on Custom Firmware 3.90m33-3 and 4.01m33-2

I know there are other plug-ins that also take screen shots, but CFE did the best job IMO. The other screen shot plug-ins didnt have any notice of when the screen shots were done and makes you feel like your PSP froze. CFE has a bar that goes across the screen.

If you upgade firmware and already have this installed, go to recovery mode and make sure you re-turn on your plugins to get it to work again.


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