How to Detect Fraud Forex Software


With so many Forex automated trading expert advisors on the market today showing outrageous and profitable trading results, you may be tempted to purchase one of these automated Forex trading systems to see for yourself. It is extremely hard to resist the temptation when you come across Forex automated trading results showing a 500% gain within two weeks. How can you say no to automated Forex trading software that claims 99% wining trades? There are also Forex managed account services claiming 25 consecutive profitable months without a single losing month. Then there are marketing statements claiming financial independence without having to know a thing about the Forex market. Lastly, there is the coup de grace of offering a full money back guarantee.

Let's examine each of these marketing promises to understand them for what they are. In order for an automated Forex system to obtain a 500% gain within two weeks, it must take extreme risks to compound its trading account. Compounding the trading lot size will compound the potential winnings, but it will also compound losses. It is unlikely that this automated Forex trading software will continue to replicate its winning results week after week without any losses. If this Forex automated trading system really works, then the inventor should be richer than Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. The last time I checked, Bill Gates is still the richest man in the world.

It is human nature to want to be right all the time. Unfortunately, this is a bad trait in Forex trading. In order to have 99% wining trades, this automated Forex system is trading with a very large stop loss or no stop loss altogether. By trading without a stop loss, the unrealized losses in the account are open floating losses. This Forex automated trading software will not close the trade until it is profitable; hence, it will continue to hold the losing trade until the account gets margined out. You can have 99 wining trades, but with this technique, one losing trade could wipe out your entire trading account. Trading without stop loss is like playing Russian roulette with your money.<

Often, I come across Forex managed account services using automated Forex trading systems without a single losing month. This is too good to be true, as even Warren Buffett cannot make this claim about himself, so you should stay away. Alternatively, you can make the cheques out to Bernard Madoff and get in early on the Ponzi scheme.

There are no shortcuts in life. Any automated Forex trading software or products claiming to provide financial independence without you needing to know a thing is likely to be a Forex software scam. Trading involves both risk and reward. You must read and understand as much as possible before using any automated Forex trading systems.

The best marketing hook ever invented is the full money back guarantee. A guarantee to give you the option of testing the program completely risk free so that you can experience the effectiveness of the automated Forex system first hand. You should be aware that it is extremely difficult to get your money back regardless of what the vendors' guarantee says. Most of these guarantees are not protected or honored by companies like Visa, PayPal or MasterCard. Understand that there is always risk involved and use these five easy steps to detect Forex software scams.
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How to unlock security keyguard code for Nokia phones?

Sometimes we put password for security keyguard but any how we get error to unlock the phone. As per my experience following tricks will help you a lot

1.Try the password ‘12345’.It is default password for all Nokia phone security keyguard.
2.If it did not work try to regain password you changed and try entering by switch off –on your phone.
3.Finally just remind what you have done while locking keyguard. And use same method to unlock the phone e.g. If you are listening music through head phones and locked the phone then use same method. Connect headphone and enter the changed password to unlock. My case this was worked. Also other tricks are like while charging, Sim card removal and insert etc.

Other than above traditional way below are some technical-online tricks will help you-

1.Go to following site. Go to “Forgotten your Nokia security code? Click here”. Enter your IMEI number(You will find this number on your mobile bill or on handset box)

Once you click then in below window you will get new security code like 3644263089. Enter and unlock security keyguard. There is other site also which same as above. Below is its link

2.Sometimes you will get code generated from above sites in following manner
#pw+3644263089+1# .To use this code you should use keypad *key to enter the alphabets and arithmetic signs. e.g. press * 3 times to enter ‘p’ character.

3.Try both the ways to enter the security code above. That means if you get only code then use’ #pw+’ before and ‘+1#’ end of the number.
Below is method which is suggested me by Nokia help desk
First type 11111 then 22222 up to 99999 repeating for 3, 4, 5,6,7,8 digits finally 00000.
Then take battery out and wait a good 10 minutes this resets the code. Turn your phone on and repeat the same process above in the same order and wait 10 more minutes. Once turn it on it will ask for your security code. As you have followed the steps the code will now be to the default of ‘12345’ then enter your new code to change it.

If all the above did not work then contact retailer or Nokia help desk to get it unlocked.

Hope this information will help you all.
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Content Development Strategies For Blogging

Every successful blog typically establishes a content development strategy. Keeping any blog frequently updated with fresh quality content is a key to maintaining reader satisfaction. When creating content however every blog owner must consider the needs and intentions that are unique to their particular blogs. Since every blog differs according to their theme and/or writing style so will the methods used for creating content for the site.Here are 5 different approaches commonly use to develop the content for most blogs found on the internet.
Offering useful or helpful content is a great way to win readers loyalty. Developing good quality content like this is normally the result of sharing your own knowledge from past experience or research. In most cases this type content is considered educational in some way, shape or form.

Insight lends a different perspective to subject matter which can be thought provoking to the reader. Creating content for this particular style involves a mixture of research intermingled with a 'flavor' of current events and your own personal perspective and/or experience.

Creating content for use to 'inflame' or 'provoke' a reaction out of the reader is much like playing the devils advocate. Focusing on subject matter that is popular with your readers but taking a controversial stance is an excellent way to get readers attention and provoke a reaction. This is a great way to increase the interactivity on your blog

Content such as this finds its roots in the individuals 'talents' and 'gifts' for finding the humor in many situations. Generally current events or commonly observed behavior or trends is what many build their humor around. Poking fun like this is a great way to have a laugh without offending anyone, if done correctly, and that is why it is regarded as a talent.

Simply conveying news and information as it occurs this type of content is sought out and shared in a timely manner. Content like this is generally updated quite frequently since 'news' occurs all the time. The focus of the subject matter is always directly in line with the theme the blog has established.Content development is a very important component of the overall strategy for any successful blog. As theme or individual writing styles tend to vary by blog so do the methods that are used for creating content that is posted to the site. The 5 approaches we reviewed above reflect some of the most common styles of delivery found on blogs today. Whatever style or uniqueness you tend to display it is important to establish a strategy allowing you to continuously create the quality content you want and need to maintain a successful blog. Could it be perhaps that one of the methods of which we mentioned here today is a fit for your particular needs?
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Error 80244019 When Updating Windows Vista

Every time the update would fail with Error 80244019. This error message indicates there is a problem reaching the update server, however this explanation does not make sense since other computers on my network including another Vista machine can access the Internet and update properly.

First of all, you want to make sure your computer can reach the Internet and view other web pages. Open a web browser and go to a website listed in your favorites or type a website URL into the address bar of your browser and verify that you can load a web page. If you can, please skip down this page to the section entitled DNSChanger Trojan

Troubleshooting a Dead Network Connection

If you cannot open a web page on your computer or reach the Internet, you'll want to follow this outline to narrow the problem and get yourself back online. This information is the same basic info that I recommend for the dreaded Limited or No Connectivity issues as well. Check the following issues.

1) Your Network or DSL router
may have bad or missing information. Powercycle your router and/or rebuild the configuration in your router.

2) Double-check your cabling to the computer. Make sure you have the correct type of cabling, straight-through CAT 5 or possibly a crossover cable. Try another cable or test the cable to make sure its working properly.

3) Check your network card to make sure its configured correctly and working properly. Many times setting the network card to 10Mbps/Full Duplex will solve this issue. To do this, open Control Panel, System, Device Manager. Go to the properties of the Network card, click on the Advanced tab and find the Link Speed and Duplex section. Change it from Auto Detect to 10Mbps/Full Duplex.

4) Check and test your firewall. Your firewall, especially if its a software
firewall like Zone Alarm, Black Ice, Norton Firewall or something else could be blocking the connection. Disable your firewall and test the connection. You may have to resolve the problem by even uninstalling and reinstalling the firewall.

5) Check your IP address assignments and workgroup settings in the computer for accuracy. Statically assign IPs to the computers in your network.

6) Reset your TCP/IP stack by downloading and running WinsockXPFix.exe a Visual Basic program designed to fix corrupted TCP/IP issues, host file problems and a variety of other connectivity issues.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, please proceed. On many sites on the web, there was a solution posted that referenced a registry entry located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU. From my investigation this registry entry generally does not exist and therefore does not fix the problem. However, in a few cases, the system has been infected with the DNSChanger trojan.

DNSChanger Trojan

One of the most common problems associated with Windows Vista Update Error 80244019 is the DNSChanger Trojan. You'll recognize this trojan by checking the DNS server assignments on the computer that does not update. Do this by following these steps.

1) In Windows Vista, click on the Windows orb

2) Click in the Search box and type CMD and press Enter

3) At the command prompt, type IPCONFIG /ALL and press Enter

4) You should be presented with the bunch of information, find the section for your Internet connection. It may be entitled Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection or something similar.

5) Find the DNS Server section and double-check the numbers. Usually the DNS is a local IP like or it could be a statically assigned IP from your ISP. If the DNS numbers are remotely similar to the following IPs then you have the DNSChanger trojan.

6) Type Exit at the command prompt to close it.
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Remove Bonzi Buddy

What is Bonzi Buddy?

He's your interactive friend and traveling companion on the Internet! He walks, talks, sings, browses and searches the Internet with you. That's according to the website...he's also very annoying. So annoying that the BonziBuddy website went out of business in 2005.

How to I Remove Bonzi Buddy?

BonziBUDDY is easily removed following these instructions:

1) First you need to close the Bonzi Buddy Program. Click on Bonzi and say "Goodbye" to close him. Next, Right-click on the dollar sign icon next to your clock and choose "Exit."

2) Now click on Start > Programs > BonziBUDDY > Uninstall BonziBUDDY Bargain Hunting Tool and allow the uninstall program to finish.

3) Go to Start > Programs > BonziBUDDY > Uninstall BonziBUDDY and allow the uninstall program to complete.

4) Finally, restart your computer.

Sometimes the uninstall is not successful because a manual removal was tried previously, or a key file was deleted that the uninstall process needs. In these cases, reinstall the Bonzi Buddy software and then proceed with a normal uninstall shown above.

There is no need to delete any files first. All you need to do is visit
(no longer available since the website went out of business)

and download the BonziBUDDY files again. This will be a fast process if you already have most of the files installed, since the install will only download and install the files you don't have or ones that have been updated since your last download or update.

Once you have successfully run the install of BonziBUDDY again, just follow the instructions in #1 above to uninstall BonziBUDDY.

Clean up after Uninstalling

When BonziBUDDY is uninstalled, there are a few small files left in your BonziBUDDY directory that will remind Bonzi what your settings and preferences are should you ever decide to install him again. They are very small and will not harm your computer in any way, but it is safe to delete this folder if BonziBUDDY is already removed from your system.

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