Error 80244019 When Updating Windows Vista

Every time the update would fail with Error 80244019. This error message indicates there is a problem reaching the update server, however this explanation does not make sense since other computers on my network including another Vista machine can access the Internet and update properly.

First of all, you want to make sure your computer can reach the Internet and view other web pages. Open a web browser and go to a website listed in your favorites or type a website URL into the address bar of your browser and verify that you can load a web page. If you can, please skip down this page to the section entitled DNSChanger Trojan

Troubleshooting a Dead Network Connection

If you cannot open a web page on your computer or reach the Internet, you'll want to follow this outline to narrow the problem and get yourself back online. This information is the same basic info that I recommend for the dreaded Limited or No Connectivity issues as well. Check the following issues.

1) Your Network or DSL router
may have bad or missing information. Powercycle your router and/or rebuild the configuration in your router.

2) Double-check your cabling to the computer. Make sure you have the correct type of cabling, straight-through CAT 5 or possibly a crossover cable. Try another cable or test the cable to make sure its working properly.

3) Check your network card to make sure its configured correctly and working properly. Many times setting the network card to 10Mbps/Full Duplex will solve this issue. To do this, open Control Panel, System, Device Manager. Go to the properties of the Network card, click on the Advanced tab and find the Link Speed and Duplex section. Change it from Auto Detect to 10Mbps/Full Duplex.

4) Check and test your firewall. Your firewall, especially if its a software
firewall like Zone Alarm, Black Ice, Norton Firewall or something else could be blocking the connection. Disable your firewall and test the connection. You may have to resolve the problem by even uninstalling and reinstalling the firewall.

5) Check your IP address assignments and workgroup settings in the computer for accuracy. Statically assign IPs to the computers in your network.

6) Reset your TCP/IP stack by downloading and running WinsockXPFix.exe a Visual Basic program designed to fix corrupted TCP/IP issues, host file problems and a variety of other connectivity issues.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, please proceed. On many sites on the web, there was a solution posted that referenced a registry entry located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU. From my investigation this registry entry generally does not exist and therefore does not fix the problem. However, in a few cases, the system has been infected with the DNSChanger trojan.

DNSChanger Trojan

One of the most common problems associated with Windows Vista Update Error 80244019 is the DNSChanger Trojan. You'll recognize this trojan by checking the DNS server assignments on the computer that does not update. Do this by following these steps.

1) In Windows Vista, click on the Windows orb

2) Click in the Search box and type CMD and press Enter

3) At the command prompt, type IPCONFIG /ALL and press Enter

4) You should be presented with the bunch of information, find the section for your Internet connection. It may be entitled Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection or something similar.

5) Find the DNS Server section and double-check the numbers. Usually the DNS is a local IP like or it could be a statically assigned IP from your ISP. If the DNS numbers are remotely similar to the following IPs then you have the DNSChanger trojan.

6) Type Exit at the command prompt to close it.
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