How to Accelerate Windows XP File Searches


There is one of the most important features of Vista (or Windows 7) that put Windows XP to shame – File Searches.

With Vista, you can search your files faster, because Vista indexed your entire computer file and its characteristic into database (it traverse all the directories first while you’re doing other things). But with Windows XP, the file search tool traverse all the directory at the same time when you are looking for a specific file, and it did it each time you searching for the same file and this make the process slow.

Fortunately, there are many alternative exist to accelerate Windows XP file searches. Two of my recommendation is to use Copernic Desktop Search or Google Desktop. Both tools has capability to index your e-mail messages, documents, MP3 files, images, and other content for lightning-fast searches. Besides that, it also let you quick look inside found files without opening them. That’s what we can call a good search tool!

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