Send Text Messages from Outlook 2007 with SMSOfficer


Windows with Outlook 2007 only: Send text messages with an outlook interface with the help of an new sms officer, a free add-on for outlook 2007.Once you finish the free sign-up and verification at SMSOfficer's site, you'll get a new menu item in Outlook, New->Text Message, where you can type in a phone number or contact and send a message of less than 160 characters (write more and it's split into multiple texts),

with replies heading to your phone. You get 10 free texts, and additional credits can be purchased via PayPal—$20 will get you 250 texts, with bulk discounts at higher volumes. Anyone with email access can send a text message by knowing the right carrier email addresses. SMSOfficer is a free sign-up and download for Windows and Outlook 2007.
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