The Rackspace Cloud


About Rackspace Cloud Sites

Cloud Hosting Benefits

  • When you host on Cloud Sites with the Rackspace Cloud, there's no hardware to manage, no devices to configure and no worries about your Websites going down under heavy traffic loads.
  • Cloud Sites runs your existing applications and works like you'd expect.
  • The cloud is fully managed and fully supported. Call us anytime, day or night for help with cloud hosting.

Using Cloud Sites

1. Upload Your Site to the Cloud

You can create a new Rackspace Cloud powered site—and even add some email accounts—in less than five minutes. Load–Balancing, clustering, and redundant storage are all inherited by your application automatically, without any effort.

2. Cloud Sites is Scalable Website Hosting

Right from the second you upload your Websites to Rackspace Cloud Sites, your sites are hosted on advanced clustered cloud–computing technology designed for high–traffic and high–performance. When your site grows bigger than what's included, you pay inexpensive scale pricing for exactly what you use on the cloud and nothing more.

  • Scale your bandwidth
    Starts at 500GB/mo. As much as you need for 25¢ per GB
  • Scale your storage
    Starts at 50GB/mo. As much as you need for 50¢ per GB
  • Scale your compute
    Starts at 10,000 compute cycles/mo. As many as you need for 1¢ per compute cycle.

Built on a Standard Cloud Computing Platform

Many of the new cloud hosting platforms require that you use custom–code and architecture before your applications able to tap into the power of cloud computing. Rackspace Cloud Sites is different because it is designed to run your applications with very little (if any) modification. Cloud Sites is a powerful hosting platform that is built on existing Web standards and powered by the proven technology that you know, trust and use regularly. This means that you get the benefits of a scalable cloud platform – for free – spending zero time coding towards custom APIs or data schemas.

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