Reset Life Timer IN Nokia Phone (Use at Your Risk)

well .. just went through NOKIA [Mobile Trick[Reset Ur Lifetimer] Post . bt it seemz nt working !
so thought to post working one method .
hope u guys l!ke it .

here we goes ................
*first download Nemesis Service Suite frm h3re . (NSS)

* Then connect ur mobile through USB cable

* Open [NSS] Nemesis serice suite.
* Click on magnifying glass on the right [ actually its a Search button .. .. whtever .. just click once ther ;-)

* Then simply click on PHONE INFO

Click on "permanent memory" tab on the lower right near "Fbus info" tabPhotobucket

Then click on "write" buttonhttp://Photobucket aha .. now we need to download a file . whch names . download it from here ..

*Then choose to open the "" file which you extracted somewhere before and wait for the moment .Photobucket

Congrtss!! now just restart the device . n check liFetimer by pressng *#92702689#
12:21 AM

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