all apple iphone tricks and hacks


*3001#12345#* and tap Call: Field Mode (iPhone network and cellular information)

*#06# : IMEI number.

*777# and tap Call: Pre-paid account balance.

*225# and tap Call: Post-paid account balance.

*646# and tap Call: Post-paid minute balance.

*#21# and tap Call: Call feature settings (enabled/disabled) for voice, data, fax, SMS, sync, async, packet access, call forwarding.

*#30# and tap Call: Caller-ID display check (enabled/disabled)

*#76# and tap Call: Connected call display check (enabled/disabled)

*#43# and tap Call: Determine if call waiting is enabled.

*#61# and tap Call: Call forwarding number with service (no-answer)

*#62# and tap Call: Call forwarding number without service (no-ring)

*#67# and tap Call: Call forwarding number when busy
*#33# and tap Call: Check outgoing services for call-barring (enabled/disabled)

After playing with your new Apple iPhone awhile, you are certain to discover tips and tricks that are very useful. For those who are not fortunate enough to own your own iPhone, after reading about some of these iPhone tips and tricks, you will probably run out and purchase one today. Here are some of the iPhones tips and tricks.

1. This tip will save you a little bit of your valuable time. When you are connected, tapping once at the very top section of the iPhone’s touch screen will bring you back to the window. It isn’t necessary for you to scroll to get back there.

2. By putting the RSS address into the iPhones reader you won’t have to post the compete address of the sites you’ve bookmarked as your favorites. Doing it this way saves your bookmarks. In that way it can lead you to the address. As an added benefit, it also saves you from having to download the entire webpage.

3. By putting your iPhone font setting to the smallest size possible, it will allow you to be able to read more of what is written in the net window. The advantage is by clicking on the link, you can expand that and the link will make it easier for you to click as well.

4. If you are anything like me, then there are certain words you often misspell? The iPhone has a great feature that will help you remedy this. If you’ve misspelled the word, you can let your iPhone flag it. By canceling this three times, the word will be automatically indexed in the iPhone’s dictionary. The next time you misspell that word, walla! Your iPhone will correct the misspelled word automatically.

5. If you are writing a letter or composing an email and the magnifying glass tool isn’t very helpful because it is too small to be of any use, try tapping it once and then hold. When you do this, the magnifying glass icon will show you how far you can zoom in order for you to get a better view of the letter or email you are writing. As an added benefit, you will find it also makes editing quite easy.

6. If you want to restart your iPhone, press the right button for about 6 seconds. If you want to turn it back on, push the button located at the very top.

7. Do you drag the icons around on your home screen in order to organize them? An easier way to tidy your iPhone up is, go to iPod, click on More, then click on Edit
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