How to get Traffic from forums


How to get Traffic from forum sites:

You cannot expect 100% traffic from search engines. If you are not so good at SEO then don’t loose your hopes. There are many ways of getting traffic for your site. The better and quality way of getting traffic other than search engines is get traffic from online forums. Most people believe that they will get spontaneous answer for their questions in forums, Because of this reason most people visits forums regularly and try to post or answer questions in forums. Some millions of people will be spending much amount of time in forum sites than other sites. We can easily grab traffic from those forum sites. It is quite simple to advertise in forums and it is 100% free of cost in advertising in forum sites. In this article I will be explaining you How to get traffic from online forums or How to Advertise Online with Forums.

1) Your first and major step is to find out the most popular forums. Register in each and every forum with unique username and password (Only for remembrance purpose). Your username should be your domain name. Why because as your number of posts increases your domain publicity also increases. Always choose those forums which relate to your website, business or your product. For example, if you have a website on the topic SEO, then register and advertise your product and services in Webmaster forums. Few best webmaster forums are digitalpoint, wickedfire and sitepoint.

2) If you are in initial stage, then try to spend atleast 3 hours in forums. Read back through couple of threads and posts to get a clear idea on forums. Try to answer atleast in 10 to 15 threads. Try to post very powerful comments in threads why because you are a beginner.

3) Your comment should not create a doubt for forum owners that you are promoting your website or product. Comment very slowly and you have to do this before your start promoting your website or product.

4) Your comment should be considered as a spam. To avoid this step make your comment more precise and simple. Otherwise people will think that you are spamming the threads. This may leads to temporary banned or permanent.

5) Don’t forget to add signature to your posts with a link to your website. This is a cool opportunity provided by forum to promote our sites. As your number of posts increases your banklinks increases. Why because this signature will be appeared under each and every comment. Your signature is what you will use to advertise online in forums sites.

6) Try to post atleast 10 comments in each site. Let us think that you have chosen total 10 forum sites to get traffic. If you have posted total 10 comments in each site then it makes total 100 comments in 10 sites. I guarantee you that within a period of one month you will get bulk amount of free traffic from forum sites without investing a single penny.

7) Don’t keep any useless images. I have seen many people keeping celebrities images in forums. Even those people who are having more than 4000 posts and xxx itraders.You are doing free publicity for them. Don’t keep others images in your profile. Keep your company logo and your logo should attract others to visit your site.

8) Try to mention your company name or domain name after each and every comment. Nothing but an extra banklink to your website. Like :

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osama algendy Says :
April 17, 2010 at 5:15 AM

Its a great way my friend to promote site
i wondered as iam the frist commenter for this amazing post,i will follow your blog and i hope to write more about traffic tricks.
keep going and good luck

zaniaclothing Says :
December 3, 2011 at 1:15 PM

hello frnd....
nice information is given by you regarding forums. pls give more information about creating signature in forums .


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