Clone Hard Drive with XXClone


This program clones the system volume to other hard drive that will be ready to boot without the need to restore. With disk imaging programs, you normally have to restore the image to a partition or volume in order to recover.  XXClone is simply have to boot the system from the hard drive where the clone was stored.

XXClone is best if for computers that have several physical hard disks. You can save the clone to an external device, such as a USB drive, but a lot of times Windows will not boot off an external device. The best is to clone the source volume to another volume on another hard disk.


  • makes a self-bootable clone of the system volume.
  • makes a full backup of a non-system volume.
  • restores (repairs) the self-bootability.
  • makes a Quick Boot Diskette (QBD).
  • makes a batch file for repeated operations.
  • may show an alternate wallpaper for distinct look
  • may shut down the system after its job is done.
  • may throttle down its CPU usage.
  • can save log and debug files.
  • can add an entry in the boot menu for testing.
  • can duplicate the Volume ID.
  • can be run with command line options (batch file).
  • can be invoked in minimized/hidden modes.
  • provides a convenient button for the DiskMgmt tool.

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