Download Google Chrome 4.0 Offline Installer

Google the latest version of Chrome developer. The latest update contains all the fixes and changes from previous build and added a new feature - bookmark synchronization, which can be used by Chrome start with option-enable-sync "flag and key-check> sync my bookmarks. A new test by CNET UK found that the pre-alpha version of the Google Chrome browser in the development of chromium title, is 34 percent faster than Safari 4.0.3. It is worth to try the latest version.

According to Anthony Laforge, head of the technical program, Mountain View, CA. "We have officially displaced chromium 4.0.x to our code of 3.0 freezing. There is still some work to do for the 3.0 in terms of stability and corrections, and to this end, we will make some changes in the 195 branches (which will be the stable version). Keep your eyes to future updates on the beta chain
  • To download Chrome follow this link.
  • To download Offline Chrome installer follow this link.

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