Enable Battery Percentage on iPhone 2G/3G OS 3.0

OS 3.0 and iPhone 3G-S with a batch of new features released last week. A new feature of Mac OS 3.0 Percentage of the battery meter shows the percentage of remaining battery backup. Unfortunately, this function is included for iPhone 3G-S. Whereas for 2G and 3G iPhone users, Apple gives us a reason to jail break the iPhone. If you are new to prison, you need to break or heard SBSettings been used board or one of the most downloaded application in Cydia.

For those who do not know SBSettings, SBSettings is a simple application and does not add an icon on the springboard. A flash in the status or your clock and the box, you can disable things like. You can also ring, respectively, and power. SBSettings also shows information such as your name iPhone WiFi IP address, IP address and data from the hard disk space.

  • 3G (if you have and iPhone 3G)
  • Bluetooth
  • EDGE
  • Phone
  • SSH
  • Wi-Fi

To install SBSettings do a simple search in Cydia or Icy and click Install.

How to Enable Battery Percentage using SBSettings :

Step 1 : Swipe your finger over the clock or status bar where carrier information, battery information appears and you may found a similar screen given below.

Step 2: Now click on more button from third line and you’ll find another screen where you can tweak your SBSettings options. In this screen choose Extra & Options

Step 3: In the next screen you’ll find a lots of tweaks for your iPhone including (Numeric Battery)Battery Percentage meter.

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