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At the Google launch of Wave, which gave the readers an open discussion on the distribution and the Wave received invites to a company that quickly became a heavy 2500 + comment thread. Google-Wave Invitational website offers a more organized alternative.

The nature of how Google will distribute Wave calls is difficult to know with certainty that an amount of the person you sent an invitation, because Google is not directly, sending invitations to people you invite.

I am glad to this thread for those calls and, in particular, I'll give to fellow readers to open. Please only respond to those offering invitations. Not only your e-mail paste in the comments hoping someone would catch him. It is probably not going to happen.

That said, an adventurer, web developer together a website dedicated to donate and receive calls from Google called Google-Wave Wave invited and it seems worth trying if you are looking for an invitation with a slightly better system in place than what we can achieve in the comments

Google Wave Invite here
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