Earning backlinks, improve your Page rank

First of all what’s a backlink ?

A backlink is an incoming link to a website, is any link received by a web page, directory, website, blogs etc etc… from another website. The Backlinks are also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links.

What’s Page Rank ?
Simply a PageRank (PR) means the popularity of a web page used by Google Search Engine for classifying its search results. It has an important while selling links on your website, people always ask for your PR.. The problem is how to get a good one..

The best way is to gain backlinks.. But how ?

We can see lots of people sponsoring forums/blogs/websites themes and putting a link of their website in the theme (in the footer usually) the problem with that is almost all webmasters that use those themes remove all the links from the theme, even the copyrights of the designer, so it still a weak technique to earn backlinks while you spend lots of money to sponsor them.

I’ve got here 5 great techniques to gain backlinks.

1. Submitting your blog in web directories and social networks: When you submit your link in social networks they help you to get indexed in google quickly and improve your PR since every submission is a backlink. About the directories, you need to look for good ones, for directory sites that are indexed deep (with too many backlinks translated to a good PR) so it helps your PR to grow. I’d recommend submitterbot.com to do such a technique.

2. Commenting on Dofollow blogs & forums: Dofollow blogs & forums are sites that give you a backlink just for commenting on their articles and posts. (Iearn-Money is a dofollow blog by the way).

3. Buying forums users signature: Since you sponsor themes with high amounts of money, and buying links with high prices, why don’t you just buy users signatures, for example $5 a month and a minimum of 1000 posts, you earn 1k backlinks which is excelent..

4. Exchanging links with other bloggers: You can exchange links with other webmasters, they put your link on their blog and you do the same.. Better exchange links with blogs/websites that have a good PR so it help you to improve yours.

5. Buying text links or banners: Advertising on other blogs/websites is a good way to improve your PR though.. Just find a cheap advertising packages and feel free to advertise without any worries.

I still have a good technique to build strong Inbound links, but I’ll post it in a separated article, because it needs more explanation.

Note: There are nofollow and dofollow backlinks, the ones which help you to improve your PR are the dofollow ones.

To check your Backlinks, I recommend this tool: backlinkwatch.com

And good luck to everyone. Feel free to comment if you have more techniques to gain more backlinks.

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