Setting up an SMS Gateway

Q: We run a small web hosting business and would like the servers to be able to alert us to their status via SMS. Is it possible to setup our own SMS gateway so we do not have to pay for an SMS provider?

A: There are a few options available that will help you with your SMS issue. Just in a google search I discovered a number of SMS server software packages that can be purchased, as well as some Open Source and Linux based solutions. There are also third party companies that you can pay to be your SMS gateway that provide a multitude of services (some more complex than what is provided by the mainstream cellular companies), and charge less than a major carrier for messaging.

* If you are interested in a small scale Open Source SMS Gateway project, visit this wiki.
* CodeSegment provides SMS Gateway Server software packages that run in Windows.
* SMSXchange provides a paid SMS gateway service with a number of options.

If you search Google for SMS Gateway you will find a number of solutions. Only you can determine which will be most reliable and cost-effective for your business.
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